Offering Bored Ape NFT owners a chance to bring their characters to life as high-end collectibles

PureArts will pair their approach to high quality collectibles w/ support from BoredJobs to license characters directly from the Bored Ape Yacht Club community.

PUREARTS is recognized internationally in the collector

and the high-end statue communities for its artistic approach, dedication to detail, and unique storytelling through sculpture.

We need your help to select (2) owners will be in good hands as PureArt’s history reveals work with brands such as Assassin’s Creed, Terminator, Batman, DarkSouls, Lord of the Rings, League of Legends, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and many others.

Who do you love?

Meet the finalists!

We need your help to narrow down from 36, to 16, to 8, to 2! Please find your favorite BAYC and click VOTE up top!























Subject To Change At Anytime

Here is the selection plan!

Step one


Thursday Aug 18th, 2022 we will use this website to let the community vote to select 16 BAYC to 36

Step two


Once we have the final 16, on Friday Aug 19th, 2022  until Sunday Aug 21st we will narrow down to 8, through 1 vs 1 Twitter polls

Step three


After the community has chosen the final 8, on Monday Aug 22nd, 2022 until Wednesday August 24th we will narrow down to 4, through 1 vs 1 Twitter polls

Step four


Now down to the final 4, on Wednesday Aug 24th, 2022 until Friday August 26th we will narrow down to 2, through 1 vs 1 Twitter polls

Step five 


Announce the winners and get to work!

The Collection

For the first PureArts x BAYC community collection, PureArts plan to create two initial lines of product, 1/8 scale and 1/6 scale collectible figures. 

The 1/8 line (around 9” or 23cm) will be a standalone character and utilize PVC/ABS to keep the maximum of details and textures. 

1/8 scale example here

The 1/6 line (around 12” or 30cm) will be a more complex statue, in mix-media materials, it will feature a creative scene with lot of details and display one or two BAYC!

1/6 scale example here


Final price, quantity, and sizes have not been finalized and might change.

What is PureArts making?

"As an NFT Collector myself, it was important to have a different approach than our licensing deals with gaming or movie brands. This project must be community driven and it’s for this reason that I quickly reached BoredJobs to explain my vision and my project. We are very excited by the opportunity to use PureArts skills to create an incredible line of collectibles with IP Holders."

Arnaud Perez, Managing Director of PureArts


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What will the chosen owners be paid?

As you can understand, this type of information is sensitive in certain businesses, and we can't disclose the specifics publicly. However, here is what we can say: Sizable percentages will be awarded to each selected BAYC owner calculated by a portion of the sales. The BoredJobs team has looked at the proposed deal terms and believes many BAYC owners will find this deal attractive. Although we understand everyone has different expectations, some people might not find PureArts terms attractive. We respect that. We will disclose the details if chosen to enter the final 8. We will offer your spot to a backup selection if you don't accept.

How much will the collectibles cost?

Great question. As you can imagine, this type of information is sensitive to a company such as PureArts, which exists in such a niche market as collectibles. However, based on PureArt's proposed plans, we can say this would be the most affordable and best ratio quality price based on what is currently on the market.

When will the collectible be available for purchase?

After the community votes, PureArts needs two months to design and make the physical prototyping. Then when the prototype is ready and approved, they can open the presale period. During the presale period, PureArts will begin the manufacturing process. The current manufacturing process will look like this: Tooling: up to two months Production: up to two months Delivery door to door, two months. Our target is to deliver your product within six months after pre-order.

Will this be the only BAYC drop by PureArts?

In short, no. The plan is to make this drop the first of many. As you can imagine, we will learn many lessons on how to work with the community on this first collection. We plan to work together to make this the first of many.

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